For files emailed to your unique email address to be processed automatically, they need to be sent by an approved email address.

If a file is received from an unapproved email address, it will show as Unapproved in the Received Files page.

Approve Sender Button

To quickly approve the sender, you can select Approve Sender from the actions menu. This will open the Manage Sender popup.

Tick the document types that the sender should be allowed to send, and click Save Changes.

Any documents of the selected types from this sender will now be automatically processed when they are received.

You can manage approved senders by going to the Settings page in the sidebar, then selecting the Allowed Senders tab.

Allowed Senders Settings

You can manage which document types a sender should be allowed to send, or remove them from the list of approved senders, by selecting the appropriate option from the actions menu.

To add a new email address to the list of allowed senders, click on +Add New Sender.

Enter the email address you want to allow, and click Add Sender.

Then, select which document types the new email address should be allowed to send, and click Save Changes.

If you still need assistance after reading the above, please let us know by lodging a ticket in FASSTA Help.