You can select whether your approval users should be allowed to approve all documents you receive, or only those from specific customers/suppliers they have been assigned to.

To choose which option to use, go to the Documents page in the sidebar and click the Approval Settings button.


If you want to assign specific users to approve specific customers / suppliers, turn on the Allocate Users To Contacts setting.

If you want all approval users to be able to approve all documents, leave this setting turned off.

Approval Settings

With the Allocate Users to Contacts setting turned on, go to the Contact List tab.

Contact List

Click on the Users icon next to a customer/supplier to choose which users should be allowed to approve those documents.

User Approval

Toggle the switch next to each user to set whether they should be able to approve documents for this contact.

Administrator users have full access and can always approve documents from any contact.

If you still need assistance after viewing the above, please let us know by lodging a ticket in FASSTA Help.