To manage users for your business, go to the Settings page in the sidebar and select the Users tab.

User Settings

To add a new user, click the +Add User button.

Enter the user's name and email address, and choose whether they should be a Regular User (with configurable permissions) or an Administrator (with full access to everything).

Click on Send Invite to invite the user to your business.

Choose which permissions the user should have, then click Save Permissions.

  • Manage Received Files allows the user to access the Received Files page, and to upload new files.
  • Manage/Approve Documents allows the user to access the Documents page, and view/approve documents from customers/suppliers that have been assigned to them.
  • Manage (Module) allows the user to access / configure that module in the software.

Users List

To change the permissions of an existing user, or to remove them from your business, select the appropriate option from the action menu.

If you still need assistance after reading the above, please let us know by lodging a ticket in FASSTA Help.