To set up your MYOB suppliers, go to the Suppliers page in the MYOB section of the sidebar.

MYOB supplier setup

This page will display a list of suppliers that have been set up in our software.

MYOB Contact

For each mapped supplier, select the corresponding MYOB contact from the dropdown.

MYOB linked suppliers

If you don't want to send a supplier's invoices to MYOB, you can select Disabled (Ignore). This will cause the MYOB module to ignore this supplier's invoices.

Default Expense Account

To use a specific expense account as the default account for a supplier, select it from the dropdown.

This account will be used for any of this supplier's products which have not been allocated a different account.

MYOB default expense account

If you don't want to allocate a default account to the supplier, you can select Choose per item. This will require you to select expense accounts for each product before an invoice can be sent to MYOB.


To enable new invoices from a supplier to be sent to MYOB as soon as they are processed, you can tick the Autosend option.

MYOB autosend

If you still need assistance after reading the above, please let us know by lodging a ticket in FASSTA Help.