To send invoices to Xero, go to the Send Invoices page in the Xero section of the sidebar.

This page will display a list of invoices that are ready to send to Xero.

Xero send invoices

To view an invoice, select View Document from the action menu.

This will display a preview with the PDF on the left, and the extracted data on the right.

Assigning expense accounts 

To assign an expense account to an item, select the expense account from the dropdown menu.

These expense accounts will be remembered for future invoices containing the same product.

By default, products which you have not assigned an expense account will use the default expense account for the supplier (if specified).

Sending the invoice to Xero 

To send the invoice to Xero, click on the Send to Xero button. Selecting the dropdown arrow on the right side of the button will allow you to use a different status for this invoice.

Once the invoice has been sent to Xero, the button will turn green and change to say View in Xero.

If you want to re-send an invoice to Xero, you can click the dropdown to the right of this button.

Xero view in Xero

To open the document in Xero, click the View in Xero button.

If you still need assistance after reading the above, please let us know by lodging a ticket in FASSTA Help.