To connect to your Xero account, go to the Connection page under the Xero section of the sidebar.

Connect to Xero

Click on Connect to Xero, and you will be taken to Xero to authorise the connection.

Log in to Xero

Once you have logged in, Xero will ask whether you want to grant access to the software.

Allow Xero access

Select the organisation you wish to connect to, and click Allow Access to be taken back to our software.

If you have previously connected a different organisation to Xero, you may also need to tell our software which organisation to use.

Connect to Organisation

Choose the organisation from the dropdown, and click Select Organisation.

All done! The Connection page should now say 'Connected to Xero':

Connected to Xero

If you still need assistance after reading the above, please let us know by lodging a ticket in FASSTA Help.